Wireless Mini-Clik - Introduction

In most installations, the Wireless Mini-Clik sensor acts as a switch that breaks the circuit to an irrigation system’s solenoid valves in response to rain. This allows the timer to advance as scheduled but keeps the valves from opening the water flow. Once the Wireless Mini-Clik Sensor has dried sufficiently, the switch closes again to allow normal operation.

Key Benefits

  1. Wireless Operation: Up to 800' (243 m) line-of-sight. No wires are required between the rain sensor and controller.
  2. Optional Quick Response®: Innovative technology that turns off the irrigation system immediately rather than after it has accumulated a fixed amount of rain. No calibration is required.
  3. Freeze Sensor: Designed to keep the irrigation system from operating when temperatures drop to 37°F (3°C) or below. When temperatures rise above this temperature, the sensor will enable automatic watering.
  4. Maintenance-Free Design: Provides trouble-free operation for at least 5 years. There are no batteries to replace.
  5. Automatic Synchronization: The Wireless Mini-Clik Transmitter will send wireless signals every hour to the receiver to ensure that the sensor and receiver are continuously synchronized.
  6. Lost Communication/Battery Status Indication: The Sensor Bypass LED will flash if the receiver has not received a signal from the sensor. This can indicate a low or dead battery.

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