Wireless Mini-Clik Sensor - Adjustments and Operation

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Optional Quick Response Technology

To use Quick Response Technology, a feature that immediately turns the system off as soon as rainfall begins, open the rubber cover to allow rainfall to hit the Quick Response Technology discs. This setting will override the adjusted rainfall settings.

Bypassing the Sensor

The sensor can be bypassed by using the built-in bypass feature on the receiver. To bypass the sensor, press the SENSOR BYPASS button on the receiver. The bypass status light will turn red when the sensor is bypassed.

Pressing the SENSOR BYPASS button again will re-enable the sensor and the sensor bypass light will go out.
Setting the Transmitter Address at the Receiver

Each transmitter is produced with a unique address. A receiver must learn this address to work with that transmitter. This step is only necessary if transmitters and receivers are purchased separately.

  1. Prior to applying power (yellow wires) to the receiver, press and hold the bypass button on the receiver.
  2. While the bypass button is depressed, apply power to the receiver. The sensor status indicator light should light up yellow indicating that the receiver is ready to learn a new address.
  3. Press and hold the quick response button on the transmitter.
  4. Within four seconds, the receiver’s sensor status indicator light should turn red. The receiver has now learned the address and it will be retained even in the event of a power outage.
  5. Release the button on the transmitter. The sensor status indicator light should turn green.

NOTE: Units purchased as a kit will already have their communication address preset. No addressing is necessary. However, if the receiver or transmitter is replaced you need to reset the address.

Battery Life

The Wireless Mini-Clik Sensor is designed to operate for at least 5 years with its sealed, maintenance-free battery. The sensor is available as a replacement part (WMCLIK-TR). Should you need to change the sensor, the receiver will have to learn the new sensor address.

To Check the Status of the Battery in the Sensor
  1. Press and hold the Quick Response Technology spindle at the top of the sensor.
  2. Within a few seconds, the LED light on the bottom of the sensor will briefly flash.
  3. Release the spindle and the LED light will flash again. If the LED flashes, the battery in the sensor is good.

If you are experiencing problems with your Wireless Mini-Clik Sensor, follow these simple checks first before assuming the unit is defective and replacing it.

System Will Not Turn On at All
  • Check to make sure that the sensor discs are dry and the switch “clicks” on and off freely by pressing the top of the spindle.
  • Look for breaks in the wire leading to the receiver and check all connections.
  • Verify outside air temperature is above 37°F (3°C).
System Will Not Shut Off Even After Heavy Rainfall
  • Remove the sensor jumper across the two SEN terminals. Check to make sure that rainfall is hitting the sensor.
  • Look for breaks in the wire leading to the receiver and check all connections.
  • Check the battery status in the sensor.
Sensor Bypass LED Is Flashing Red
  • Check that the battery in the sensor is good.
  • Check for obstructions around the sensor or receiver antenna.

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