Wireless Mini-Clik Sensor - Components

Wireless Mini-Clik Sensor
  1. Manual Test Spindle: Press and hold the manual test spindle to confirm the proper operation of your sensor.
  2. Vent Cap and Spindle: Used to adjust reset rate or dry out time for the sensor.
  3. Radio Antenna: Transmits a wireless signal to the receiver up to 800' (243 m) line of sight. The antenna should be oriented vertically.
  4. Mounting Arm: Metal extension arm for mounting the sensor.
  5. Battery Status LED: Used to determine the status of the sealed battery. Pushing the manual test spindle will flash the LED light indicating that the battery is good.

Wireless Receiver
  1. Bypass Button: Allows automatic or manual watering when the sensor is active.
  2. Receiver Status LED: Used to indicate the status of the sensor.
  3. Receiver Bypass LED: Indicates when sensor has been bypassed.
  4. Radio Antenna: Receives a wireless signal from the transmitter up to 800' (243 m) line of sight. The antenna should be oriented vertically.
  5. AC Power Wires: The two yellow wires are attached to a 24 VAC source from the controller.
  6. Receiver Wires: The sensor wires are attached to either the sensor terminals in the controller or in-line with the valve common wire.
    • Blue/White Wires: Used for normally closed sensor applications (Hunter controllers).
    • Orange/White Wires: Used for normally open sensor applications.
  7. Rubber Cover: Used to protect the receiver when mounted in outdoor locations.

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