X2 Support

X2 - Wand Err Codes

Here is a list of the error codes and ways to troubleshoot them:

X2 - Controller code CODE description SOLUTION
FAIL The provisioning failed Re-provision the device
The previous operation is complete
bAd/SSID/OR/PASS/CodE​ The AP was not found or the password is incorrect Check the spelling of the SSID and/or password
rouTer/CONNECT/FAIL​ Cannot connect to the AP Check that AP is available.
Cloud/CONNECT/FAIL​​ Can’t connect to Hydrawise Server down or Certificate is bad
OFF/LINE WAND was connected to the AP, but the Wi-Fi connection went away. Check AP/Internet
ONLINE Connected to Hydrawise Server N/A
PUSH/SIdE/Button​ Press the button to begin provisioning Press the button [1|2|3] times to select the desired provisioning method
H xxx WAND Firmware Version Number N/A
C xxx X2 Controller Firmware Version Number N/A


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