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X2™ CONTROLLER - Controller Settings

In this section, you will be able to view and change configuration that includes controller settings, internet settings, regional settings, valve delays, and weather stations options.

To adjust the water triggers, follow the steps below:

  1. From the HOME screen, select the  icon in the upper left.
  3. Click the icon to adjust each setting.



Controller Settings
Controller Descriptions
NAME -San Marcos Controller The name of your controller
SERIAL NUMBER -05******** The controller's serial number. Click Remove Serial to remove the serial number and replace it with another physical controller
STATUS -Linked Linked represents the controller is attached to an account.
MODEL -X2-800 Model on actual controller.
INSTALL DATE -Sat, 06 Jul 19 18:32:34 +0000 When the controller was first connected to the internet.
SOFTWARE - e.g., 4.06 Latest firmware version.  This happens automatically when connected to the internet.
PROGRAMMING MODE -Standard Standard the basic mode that is used for the X2 controller.
OFFLINE MODE - Use static watering times The controller will water the last program that was synced into the controller.
HIDE PASSWORD - Yes You have the option to hide the password in the actual controller.
TIMEZONE - America/Los_Angeles Here you have the ability to change the time zone. NOTE: This is automatically set when you set a weather station.
INTER ZONE DELAY - 0 Seconds The number of seconds to insert between each zone watering when calculating scheduled.
MASTER VALVE DELAY - 0 Seconds The minimum number of seconds that the master valve should be active before any zone starts.
Weather Stations

Setting your location allows your Hydrawise controller to adjust watering based on your local weather conditions.

IMPORTANT: Your weather forecasts and local weather stations are based upon your location so it is important to configure your location correctly in the application.
The chart below has the stations available based on the plan you have on your account.  
  • The BLUE station would be the station you selected in that area.
  • A virtual weather station will always appear on your exact address since it is virtual and hardware at the site does not exist. For more information on virtual stations, click here.


PERSONAL WEATHER STATIONS- Green Five stations can be selected on the Enthusiast plan.  Click here for more info.
AIRPORT and VIRTUAL WEATHER STATIONS- Purple Only one station can be selected on a free Home Plan 
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