Residential System Design Guide

This booklet is intended to be used when designing and installing small, single-family residential sprinkler systems. It is set up in an easy-to-follow format with illustrations and helpful charts. If this is the first irrigation system you have installed, or if you have installed several systems but have never used this guide before, we recommend you review this design guide and become familiar with the design and installation process. There are detailed illustrations depicting suggested installation methods for sprinkler heads, pipe and valve manifolds, and how to connect the sprinkler main line into the house water system. Installation tips have also been placed throughout the guide to assist you in planning a system. While developing the flow, working pressure, and pipe sizing charts, we considered reasonable friction loss and acceptable water velocity for a residential irrigation system. If you have any questions on the design or installation process, your best resource is your local Hunter distributor.

Hunter recommends contracting the services of a professional irrigation designer when planning large residential or commercial projects. Contractors and irrigation designers can receive additional information by contacting their local Hunter distributor. The use of high-efficiency MP Rotator nozzles with pressure-regulated pop–up bodies like the PRS40 will maximize water savings. Also, consider the use of a weather–based sensor to continually adjust watering times based on the current weather to maximize water savings. Learn More

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