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X-Core - Connecting Valves and Transformer

Installation of the X-Core should only be done by trained personnel.

Step 1

Route valve wires between the control valve location and controller.

Step 2

At valves, attach a common wire to either solenoid wire on all valves. This is most commonly a white colored wire. Attach a separate control wire to the remaining wire of each valve. All wire connections should be done using waterproof connectors.

Step 3

Route the valve wires through the conduit. Attach the conduit through the bottom right side of the controller.

Step 4

Secure the white valve common wire to the C (Common) screw on the terminal strip. Attach each of the individual valve control wires to the appropriate station terminals and tighten their screws.

Step 5

Indoor Models: route the transformer cable through the hole on the left side of the controller and connect the wires to the two screws marked 24VAC (pictured)

Outdoor Models: transformer wires are already connected to the AC terminals so all that is required is to connect primary power to the junction box.

NOTE: X-Core outdoor models are water and weather resistant. Connecting the outdoor X-Core to primary AC power should only be done by a licensed electrician following all local codes. Improper installation could result in shock or fire hazard.

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