Spray Nozzles - Pro High-Efficiency Nozzles

Designed for easy installation and high-uniformity performance, these adjustable-arc nozzles improve traditional spray system efficiency with a high-uniformity spray pattern and matched precipitation across the entire product family.

8A-HEHigh-efficiency nozzle, 2.4 m, 0° to 360° adjustable arc, olive green
10A-HEHigh-efficiency nozzle, 3.0 m, 0° to 360° adjustable arc, dark blue
12A-HEHigh-efficiency nozzle, 3.7 m, 0° to 360° adjustable arc, brown
15A-HEHigh-efficiency nozzle, 4.6 m, 0° to 360° adjustable arc, black
17A-HEHigh-efficiency nozzle, 5.2 m, 0° to 360° adjustable arc, grey



Pro High-Efficiency Nozzles are simple to install. With a clear left-edge indicator at the top and a clear right-edge indicator at the base, they ensure that the hard right stop of the spray pattern is positioned correctly with every use. The thick, easy-grip top is adjustable from 0° to 360° and effectively protects the nozzle from equipment damage for reliable, long-lasting performance. The nozzle adjustment also enables a full shutoff capability at 0° for maintenance needs.

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