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In this article, we will show you several ways to view and change your controller settings including the dashboard, reports, and configuration.

From the HOME dashboard, you can view the following:

Watering Schedule Information

All your configured zones are listed here. To find more information about a zone, click on the zone. This will show when the zone is next scheduled to run, length and when it last watered.  To run a zone, click the  button. You will be prompted to run the zone for its normal watering time or choose a custom time. To suspend a zone, click the  button to suspend a single zone or suspend all zones using the article here. You will be prompted to choose when the suspension should end. Once a zone is suspended, it will display in a lighter color on the dashboard and you can click the pause button again to remove the suspension. To display zone information, click the button after hovering over the zone. This will display information including the next watering time, watering frequency, and program start times.


This area will show forecast temperature and weather conditions, including the percentage chance of rainfall, expected humidity, and expected average wind speed.


All temperature and rainfall values are calculated as the median of your weather stations. For example, if you are subscribed to three weather stations when on Enthusiast plan, the temperature or rainfall will be the average value. 

  • Weather Stations:
    • If your weather stations record maximum temperatures of 45°F, 48°F, and 56°F, the median will be 48°F.
    • If your weather stations record maximum temperatures of 70°F, 75°F, 77°F, and 80°F, the median will be 76°F.

If your temperature or rainfall readings are consistently showing a low value, go to Reports, check each weather station rainfall or temperature, and adjust them accordingly.


For customers on an Enthusiast Plan this will show the current and maximum temperatures for today. This is based on the median value of all the weather stations you have selected.


This panel will show you the amount of rain that fell yesterday and during the past week. This is based on the median value of all the weather stations you have selected.

If you have an Enthusiast Plan, instead of yesterday’s rainfall you will see rainfall for the past 24 hours.


This area will show any sensor you currently have configured.

Controller Status

This area will display the status of your controller. If the controller is online you will see a green circle with a check. If the controller has been offline for 30 minutes or more, then you will see a red triangle with an exclamation mark. If your controller remains offline for 24 hours we will send you a notification email. For more information on the controller status, see this article here.

The Water Saving is calculated by comparing the original Watering Schedule as per the Zones page with the Watering History (actual). Water Savings = the planned irrigation minus the Predictive Watering™ changes or sensor stops plus any manual watering over a rolling seven-day period.

  • Zones and Schedules: Make changes to your water days, start times, and zone (station) run times.
  • Water Triggers: Manage your watering based on weather forecasts. Choose which adjustments to apply when editing a zone.
  • Sensors: Program and set up a rain sensor.
  • Controller Settings: View controller, regional, and internet settings.
  • Reports: View watering schedule.
  • Account Settings:
    • Events: Hydrawise logs all actions then stores the results in the controller Event Log.
    • Alerts: Alerts can be created when controller is not connected to the internet or for a rain sensor status change.
    • Messages: **Contractor Only**
    • Account Details: Here you can change your password, change your plan, and change your account visibility settings.
    • My Controllers: Add or view controllers (Home Plan up to 3 and Enthusiast Plan up to 5).
    • Users: Add another user (Enthusiast Plan only).
    • My files: You can add, update, delete your files or upload new ones to our system.
    • Log Out



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