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Diseño de Plano de Riego Simonetti
0:25 - Inicio 3:00 - Vista general del plano 5:55 - Esquinas 7:07 - Perímetro 8:09 - Centro 8:38 - Cobertura Total 14:55 - Precipitación Equivalente 19
Programadores ICC2, ACC2 y plataforma Centralus
0:20 - Bienvenida 4:20 - Inicio - Agenda 4:50 - Programador ICC2 6:30 - Capacidad de ampliación / Expansión modular 9:15 - Funciones avanzadas de ICC2
X2 WI-Fi-Enabled Irrigation Controller with Hydrawise
With the next-generation X2 controller from Hunter Industries, you don’t have to choose between Wi-Fi and dial-based management. X2 lets you keep your
Hydrawise: CÓMO AGREGAR UN CLIENTE A UNA CUENTA DE CONTRATISTA Mobile Cómo agregar un cliente a su cuenta de Hydrawise como contratista En este video
HUNTER EZ DECODER SYSTEM: How to Configure EZ Decoders for HCC and ICC2 Controllers
To program an EZ-1 decoder, start by installing the EZDM into any station output slot within an ICC2 or HCC chassis (with the power off). Once installed
Vídeo de guía de producto del EZDS
El sistema decodificador EZ de Hunter está revolucionando la tecnología de dos cables a una fracción del coste. El innovador sistema decodificador EZ
Hunter ICV Valve with Filter Sentry™ Technology
The Hunter ICV series of irrigation valves is our top-of-the-line solution for high-pressure commercial systems. Constructed of glass-filled nylon to
Pro-Spray with FloGuard™: Save Water the Instant a Missing Nozzle is Detected
Pro-Spray with FloGuard™: Save Water the Instant a Missing Nozzle is Detected. In the event of a missing nozzle, FloGuard technology reduces the flow of
MP Rotator: Resist Sand Debris
See how the MP Rotator nozzle compares to the competition at resisting external debris. During testing in a sand pit, Hunter’s leading high-efficiency
Hunter HPC-FP | HPC retro-fit panel for Pro-C controllers
The revolutionary HPC face panel brings the Pro-C controller that you know and trust into the world of Wi-Fi irrigation management — with no re
Balboa Park Sprinkler Retrofit Site Study: Sprays to MP Rotators
In this Site Study video, Hunter Industries Specification Manager Chris Roesink introduces us to beautiful Balboa Park in San Diego, CA and explains the
Pro-C Solar Sync: 03, Delay
Pro-C Solar Sync: 02, Setup
Pro-C Solar Sync: 01, Installation
Pro-C Advanced: 09, Creating Lighting Programs
Pro-C Advanced: 08, Resetting Memory
Pro-C Advanced: 07, Easy Retrieve
Pro-C Advanced: 06, Quick Check
Pro-C Advanced: 05, Programmable Rain Off
Pro-C Advanced: 04, Program Customization
Pro-C Advanced: 03, Cycle Soak
Pro-C Advanced: 02, Delay Between Stations
Pro-C Advanced: 01, Programmable Sensor Override
Pro-C Basic: 09, Manual Operation