Valves - Accu Sync Overview

Accu Sync® is a pressure regulation device designed by Hunter to fit all Hunter valves. Accu Sync installs quickly and easily beneath the solenoid on top of your Hunter valve.

ACCU-Sync Models
Adjustable 20–100 PSI
For full customization, the adjustable Accu Sync can regulate pressure from 20 to 100 PSI
Fixed 20 PSI
Ideal for point source micro irrigation systems
Fixed 30 PSI
Ideal for spray systems
Fixed 40 PSI
Ideal for Hunter’s MP Rotator and large in-line drip systems
Fixed 50 PSI
Ideal for mid-range rotors
Fixed 70 PSI
Ideal for larger rotors


  1. Swivel assembly allows regulator to be easily positioned to fit within the valve box.
  2. Turning the solenoid clockwise will allow the Accu Sync to tighten without any tool.


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