Hunter Offers Chance to Win a Trip to the 2013 Irrigation Association Show

Friday, June 14, 2013

In an effort to get the irrigation industry focused on water conservation and Smart Irrigation Month, Hunter Industries is offering a chance to win a free trip to the 2013 Irrigation Association show in Austin, TX. Details for the promotion can be found at

While on the page, users will also have the opportunity to join the discussion about smart irrigation and share photos of their best conservation-focused projects. Visitors will also have the opportunity to see a new video that goes in-depth about retrofitting with water saving products and practices, as well as try out the Hunter Water Savings Calculator.

Hunter Industries’ Marketing Manager Troy Leezy said the overall goal of the promotion was to, “Get as many people talking about Smart Irrigation Month as possible. The more we can get people talking and thinking about water conservation, the better off we’ll be from both an environmental and business standpoint.”

There is no purchase necessary to participate in the promotion, and all irrigation and landscape professionals are encouraged to join the conversation. Click here to get started!

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