Hunter Rotors: A Revolution Still Running Strong

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hunter Industries was built on the innovation of gear-driven rotors. Brought to life through the brilliant mind of Edwin J. Hunter in 1981, gear-driven rotors allow a steady stream of water to flow through a sprinkler’s nozzle and efficiently cover wide expanses of turf. This was revolutionary at the time, because the industry standard was “impact” style sprinklers. The innovation of gear-driven rotors provided a more efficient and reliable way to irrigate. Today impact irrigation is all but obsolete.

Since first bringing the PGP-ADJ to the market over 30 years ago, we have successfully developed a rotor for every application. Today, our rotors can be found all over the world in backyards, commercial complexes, government facilities, public parks, golf courses, and world-class sports complexes.

While Hunter has become the global leader in a number of rotor categories, we have always remained true to our roots. Through years of helpful feedback from installers and distributors, Hunter engineers have improved the rotors with enhanced features like Automatic Arc Return, non-reversing full-circle and a non-strippable drive mechanism. Like all new Hunter products, the rotors were brought to market only after undergoing rigorous tests including internal and external debris checks, life cycle testing and heat/freeze testing to name a few.

Our current line of rotors include the PGJ, SRM, PGP-ADJ, PGP Ultra, I-20, I-25, I-35, I-40, I-60, I-90, and ST System Models. They offer coverage anywhere from 15 feet to 160 feet, with a litany of nozzle and add-on options so specifiers and installers can find the right rotor for the right site.

With an engineering legacy dedicated to the innovation of both products and water use, and it’s no wonder Hunter rotors have always been, and continue to be the standard by which all others are measured.

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