IMMS Central Control Now Has GPRS Connectivity Option

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hunter is introducing a robust new communications solution for the IMMS-ACC controller system: a GPRS “smartphone” wireless com module. The ACC-COM-GPRS looks like other ACC communication modules from the front, but has a built in GPRS phone with a SIM card installed.

IMMS software can include many different Site communication options. Purchase of the GPRS com module option includes a data plan for the first year of operation. The GPRS device must be activated by Hunter Tech Support upon installation. The activation plan that comes with the product provides the necessary account details for each controller.

ACC-P2P-GPRS is a lower cost unit, with a reduced monthly fee, for a single-controller connection. P2P = Point to Point, meaning the connection cannot be shared with other ACC controllers.
ACC-COM-GPRS offers Site Plan connectivity with the ability to add many other controllers to the connection via traditional UHF radio and hardwired connections, as with other ACC com modules.

IMMS software can include many different Site communication options. GPRS may be used for some Sites, the new LAN module may be used for others, and of course dial-up (POTS) and hardwire can be used. GPRS is simply one more way to connect to remote controllers.

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Note: IMMS users must have internet connections at their computer to take advantage of GPRS communications. Data service is currently only available to U.S. customers.

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