New Solar Panel Now Available for Node and XC Hybrid

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hunter Industries announces Solar Panel, a new accessory for the Node and XC Hybrid battery operated controller families. The Solar Panel provides maintenance-free operation by harnessing the sun’s energy to power the controller 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for years on end.

Adding the Solar Panel accessory to either the Node or the XC Hybrid controllers is an easy process that can be done quickly by any installer. Once connected, the Solar Panel supplies 100% of the controllers’ power, and eliminates the alkaline batteries. This “eco-innovations” alternative is more environmentally friendly and allows for maintenance-free operation of the controller.

Proper Installation of the Solar Panel on the XC Hybrid

XC Hybrid and Solar Panel
Remove the exisiting battery pack and replace it with the charging module and attach it to the Solar Panel; Place the Solar Panel in an area with a lot of exposure to sun.

Connecting the Solar Panel to the XC Hybrid is an easy process that can be done quickly by any installer.

To connect the Solar Panel, all you have to do is remove the existing battery pack that comes with the stock XC Hybrid, and replace it with the charging module connected to the Solar Panel. then, place the Solar Panel itself in an area that has a lot of exposure to the sun. Hunter recommends hanging it on an eave, a high fence, or a heavy duty rain gutter. as the Solar Panel’s sole energy source is the sun, it needs to be placed in a spot where it can get plenty of it.

When the Solar Panel is initially plugged in, it may require a bit of time in the sun to charge up the controller. this should not take long at all. as long as it receives plenty of sunlight, this eco-conscious innovation should run day after day, year after year with no problems whatsoever.

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