Communications Components

ACC: Communications options are installed inside the ACC controller cabinet. No additional enclosures or power are necessary for these options.

System configurations (ACC Controllers)

Step 1 Determine how you will reach the first controller on each Site

  • Dial-up landline: Add ACC-COM-POTS to controller (analog phone line only, does not support VoIP lines)
  • Hardwire cable: Add one IMMS-CCC at the computer, and ACC-COM-HWR plus one ACC-HWIM at the controller
  • GSM cell phone: Add ACC-COM-GSM to controller (requires CSD service plan)
  • Ethernet local area network: Add ACC-COM-LAN at the controller, and connect to the network (RJ-45 jack)
  • GPRS cell phone: Add ACC-COM-GPRS to controller (requires GPRS coverage and service contract) If no additional controllers are located on the site, use ACC-P2P-GPRS instead.

Step 2 Determine how that first controller will reach the other controllers on the Site

  • If by radio, add one RAD3 (US) or RAD460INT (international) plus antenna to the controller
  • If by hardwire cable, add one ACC-HWIM (if it is not already present as in 1)

Step 3 Equip the other controllers. Add one ACC-COM-HWR to each controller, plus:

  • One ACC-HWIM when hardwire connection will be necessary
  • One RAD3 plus antenna when radio connections are necessary

Consult factory for detailed system design information.

Sample Configurations

Many other configurations possible, consult factory or System Design Guide for details.


  • 3¼" x 4½" x 1¾"
  • Powered internally via data connection
  • Mounted internally to ACC controller
  • RAD3, RAD460INT: 450-470 MHz, UHF Radios, Power Output: 1 Watt, Bandwidth: 12.5 kHz narrowband
  • ACC-HWIM: Hardwire interface module for 4-20 ma loop communications, includes 8 color-coded terminals for GCBL connection. Installs inside ACC controller cabinets or pedestals.
  • ACC-COM-LAN requires fixed IP address from system administrators.
  • ACC-COM-GPRS and ACC-P2P-GPRS requirely monthly service plans

Hardwire Communications
Cable GCBL shielded, two twisted pair 18 AWG wire with ground wire, up to 10,000’ between each device