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Irrigazione di zone erbose
Learn why Hunter rotors are trusted by irrigation professionals worldwide. Learn more about the features of the flagship PGP-ADJ, PGP Ultra, and I-20
Hunter serie-I guida alle turbine
Learn about recent product improvements that raise the bar for durability and performance, and why there is no better commercial sprinkler than Hunter I
I-CORE guida al prodotto
The Hunter I-CORE irrigation controller is an expandable high-end controller packed with valuable contractor-friendly features at a very affordable
NODE imp. tempi di irrigaz.
To assign run times to the stations on your Node battery powered sprinkler clock, use the center button to scroll past the start time screen to the
NODE: modalità OFF
To put the Node battery powered sprinkler timer in the off mode, use the center button to advance to the off screen and allow the controller to go to
X-CORE guida al prodotto
Learn more about the Hunter X-Core residential irrigation controller with up to 8 station capacity and water conservation features, including smart
NODE: regolazione stagionale
Another feature that the Node battery powered irrigation controller has is the seasonal adjustment option. To activate the seasonal adjustment, press
NODE impost. data e ora
To program the Node battery operated irrigation controller you must first set the date and time. To set the time and date on the node press the center
NODE imp. giorni di irrigaz.
To set the days that you want your sprinkler system to run using your Node battery powered irrigation controller, use the center button to scroll
NODE attivaz. manuale stazioni
To run your sprinkler stations manually with the Node battery powered irrigation clock, hold down the right arrow to enter into the manual mode. Select
Contr. del flusso delle valvole
Learn how to adjust water flow directly at the valve using the Flow Control adjustment feature. You can increase or decrease the flow of water for
Guida alle valvole Hunter
Hunter's line of valves consists of an array of models that fit every application from residential to golf course applications. Watch to learn about
Regolaz. di una turbina Hunter
With a rotor tool, its easy to adjust the left stop, but ever wonder how to adjust the right stop after install? Hunter Technical Support will show you
Regolaz. e manutenzione irrigatori
This video explains how to adjust and maintain Hunter sprays on an irrigation system. A Hunter Technical Support Representative demonstrates flushing a
Setting up HC Controller with Wi-Fi
This video shows how to setup the HC Hydrawise compatible controller with Wi-Fi. Hunter’s new Wi-Fi-enabled HC irrigation controller allows for
NODE intro e panoramica tasti
Learn about Hunter's battery operated sprinkler controller - Node. The Node controller requires the use of DC latching solenoids. To create a program on
NODE ora avvio separata
An irrigation program is a group of stations that are set to water at the same time. To create a program on your Node battery operated sprinkler
Solar Sync: il controllo intelligente dell'irrigazione è diventato semplice
Hunter Solar Sync è un sensore basato sulle variazioni meteorologiche che regola la programmazione dell'irrigazione in base alle condizioni meteo
Modulo per decodificatori Hunter Dual
Hunter Industries presenta DUAL, il modulo monocavo da abbinare al famoso programmatore I-Core, offerto a un prezzo straordinario.
Turbine Hunter: PGP, PGP-Ultra e I-20
Hunter Industries si è sviluppata grazie all'innovativa turbina PGP. Il video presenta le turbine Hunter per uso domestico e commerciale. Potrete
MP Rotator - Irrigazione Hunter
I modelli MP ROTATOR consentono un maggiore risparmio con un'efficienza superiore del 30% rispetto alle testine standard
MP ROTATOR regolazione testine
I modelli MP ROTATOR consentono un maggiore risparmio con un'efficienza superiore del 30% rispetto alle testine standard