Hunter Packaging Receives a Makeover

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Over the past year and a half you may have noticed a change in the look and feel of our marketing pieces. Hunter has been implementing an overall visual brand identity strategy to be applied to anything from business cards to brochures. The most recent updates will soon become apparent at your distributor locations and we wanted to make you aware of them.

Corporate tagline:  We have been the Irrigation InnovatorsTM for over 30 years.  As we grow our family of products beyond irrigation, it is important to expand our message to include current and future product families while staying true to the legacy of innovation that has been with Hunter since the beginning.  We will now be referring to Built on InnovationTM as our corporate tagline. 

Boxes: Our black and white boxes are getting an update to grab the attention of your customers.  This transition will start with our PGP, Pro-Spray, and PGV product lines with others to follow throughout the upcoming year.

Bags:  All bagged products will receive an update as well which includes a touch of blue color, the perforated Ziploc, a hanging hole, and most importantly a large area containing product information.  Having a standardized bag appearance will make Hunter product look uniform on your shelves and will be more easily identifiable.  Nozzles and bubblers are already shipping with the new style with our MP Rotators soon to follow.  Other bagged products will change as existing bag supplies are exhausted.

We hope that you find these recent changes benefit you and your customers when choosing Hunter products.  Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.  

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