A Letter from our President: Partnering with Professionals to Save Water

Monday, June 15, 2015

Water conservation has been top of mind in California, the home of Hunter Industries. But no matter where you live, we all need to think about responsible water use. Our industry can take action today to preserve the enjoyment of the outdoors for tomorrow. It will take a partnership of manufacturers and professionals to address our current water conservation needs.

The good news is that the solutions already exist. But products are only one part of the solution. We believe that regionally-appropriate landscaping and the selective use of turf are a must. Well-informed contractors will play a key role in adapting and efficiently irrigating outdoor spaces. With high-quality proven water-saving products and online training programs, irrigation professionals will be able to achieve water savings throughout the country.

Retrofitting spray systems with more efficient rotator-type sprinklers is the easiest way to see an immediate reduction in water use. And every system, no matter where it’s located, should have a smart controller to water landscapes based on local weather conditions to maximize savings. Other solutions include converting small areas from overhead sprays to drip irrigation and adding pressure regulation to any system for optimal product performance.

Of course, we want to be your manufacturer of choice. We believe that Hunter’s product innovations, training, and local support combined with your professional partnership will achieve the goal to save water and preserve it for the future.

Gregory R. Hunter, President of Hunter Industries

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