Hunter Industries was selected to showcase our revolutionary MP Rotator on Discovery Science Channel’s show, “Machines: How They Work.” The theme for this season’s episodes is focused on everyday items that have more technology than you would expect. The producers of the show were intrigued by how much technology exists inside these little water-saving devices,  which is especially relevant with the increased emphasis on resource conservation. After a two-hour discussion on the MP Rotator sprinkler, Hunter was selected to be a participant on the show.

Without a doubt, the program is best known for its breathtaking advanced 3D Graphics, which “explode” a product’s components into their tiniest working pieces.  The team at Hunter worked hand-in-hand for almost three months with the producers, both on campus during filming, and afterwards discussing how the MP Rotator works, to help accurately tell the story. The result seen on the episode is a stunning rendition of the MP Rotator showing all its technological innovations.

The crew consisted of a writer/director, and a cameraman that spent four days scouting locations, and interviewing key personnel at Hunter’s San Marcos, California campus.

They were pleasantly surprised by Hunter’s clean, modern factory, especially when contrasted with locations used in the filming of other episodes. We explained that being a family-owned company, manufacturing complex products, means that attention to detail is the foundation for producing the quality and innovation we are known for.

The episode exceeded our expectations, and portrayed Hunter and the MP Rotator in a positive way. The team did an excellent job explaining just how much goes into building the MP Rotator including molding, assembly and the testing processes. Every person interviewed and shown in the episode is an actual Hunter employee.  

Please see for yourself and enjoy the show,  “Machines: How They Work, featuring Hunter MP Rotator”: