Introducing BTT, a Bluetooth®-Enabled Tap Timer with Mobile App Control

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

We are pleased to welcome BTT, our new Bluetooth®-enabled tap timer, into the Hunter family of products. BTT provides app-controlled light irrigation for plants, flowers, nurseries, greenhouses, and small lawn areas.

BTT is designed for use with a hose faucet. The product gives contractors a convenient tool to offer homeowners that allows them to remotely program irrigation from a smartphone, and avoid climbing around shrubs or stepping on delicate plants to operate.

BTT uses a mobile iOS and Android app with two irrigation modes and two start times each to program watering schedules. The cycling mode is best for interval drip system irrigation or for germinating plant seeds. The Rain Delay feature provides up to seven days of suspended irrigation to help conserve water during inclement weather.

The built-in push-button manual start allows up to one hour of manual irrigation with automatic shutoff, without a smartphone. BTT is quick and easy to install, and includes two long-lasting AA alkaline batteries that provide power all season long. 

BTT makes simple irrigation quick and affordable, and is the perfect add-on item for contractors to offer additional service and easy maintenance. 

Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG.

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