New Pilot® Command Center Software Makes Golf Course Irrigation Management a Hole in One!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

With newly enhanced Pilot Command Center software, superintendents can create hydraulically safe and efficient daily golf course watering plans faster than ever before. Pilot allows users to operate thousands of individually controlled sprinklers in just minutes — right from the central Command Center. From here, all schedule changes can be performed from one easy-to-navigate screen. This is the fastest way to enable nightly irrigation updates for the entire golf course.

Users simply update their daily golf course watering plans and decide what time to start watering — Pilot takes care of the rest. Using information about pump stations, pipe networks, field equipment, and sprinklers, Pilot executes the plan by converting it into highly efficient instructions that are transferred to Pilot two-way hubs or Pilot field controllers.

Pilot is packed with powerful tools that offer a simpler way to manage irrigation while minimizing labor and maximizing cost savings. Thanks to built-in redundancy, Pilot also provides peace of mind. If the central computer goes down, course irrigation will continue as normal because watering instructions are stored in the hubs or field controllers. Competitor products simply cannot compete!

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