New Modules Add LTE Cell Communications for ACC Controllers

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Following advances in cellular communication technology, Hunter is releasing new cellular LTE communication modules for original ACC controllers that enable connection to IMMS central control software or IMMS online.

IMMS is a PC-based software package that makes central control of large-scale irrigation systems affordable, scalable, and comprehensible. There are two LTE options available depending on project needs.

The ACC-P2P-LTE module offers connectivity for a single controller. The ACC-COM-LTE module provides connectivity for multi-controller sites, allowing them to share the cellular connection point via UHF radio and hardwire cable with other controllers on-site.

Each module includes a dual-feed LTE antenna. Both modules require cellular LTE data plans. One year of LTE service is included with each module.

The new modules replace ACC-COM-GPRS series modules, which are based on older cellular technology.

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