Simplify Remote Golf Course Irrigation Management with the PilotFCP Utility Program — for Free!

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The new PilotFCP Utility program from Hunter Industries provides an innovative solution for users looking to simplify golf course irrigation for their Pilot® Network.

With PilotFCP, users can unlock helpful features to streamline watering — such as scheduling basic programs — remotely from a computer or tablet without visiting the controllers in the field.

“Some golf superintendents just want a simple way to manage their everyday course irrigation,” said Carl Eberts, Product Marketing Manager for Hunter Golf. “PilotFCP is a central control software alternative, allowing them to remotely control their Pilot system without having to visit each controller in the field to make adjustments, which saves time.”


A Smart, Simple Solution

The first and only tool of its kind, PilotFCP also offers these great benefits:

  • Lets users access the Pilot system and make adjustments without field controller visits, saving time and labor
  • Unlocks convenient field hardware capabilities such as remote manual starts of blocks
  • Connects directly to a Pilot controller to eliminate the cost of the Pilot-FI field interface in smaller systems

The PilotFCP Utility program will be available at no cost for all future Pilot controllers. Existing customers can download it to a computer or purchase a Lenovo® PC from Hunter with the program already installed using part number PILOTCOMPUTER.

PilotFCP is available now.

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