Hunter Industries’ Ninth-Annual CSR Report Presents Ambitious Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The global COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people everywhere in different ways. At Hunter Industries, it forced the company to modify business operations to keep employees safe while delivering on customer needs.

While the pandemic initially delayed the progress of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility objectives, Hunter never lost sight of key performance targets. Throughout its operations, the company remains focused on finding a balance between people, planet, and profit.

Hunter’s ninth-annual Corporate Social Responsibility report offers a firsthand look at the goals that were set and the work that has been completed so far. The company’s successes include the creation of a CSR communication team, the development of a CSR-focused employee training program, and the implementation of energy and waste reduction projects. Hunter also established an ambitious target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030.

“Reflecting on our CSR efforts in 2020, I’m very proud of what we accomplished,” said Warren Gorowitz, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility. “By continuing to move forward with our plans, we’re now even closer to becoming a fully sustainable company.”

The report also includes:

  • A word from CEO Greg Hunter
  • Stories that showcase the company’s CSR efforts
  • The 14 key areas being targeted for improvement
  • CSR perspectives from Hunter Board members

As Hunter Industries works through the challenges brought on by the ongoing pandemic, the company remains as committed as ever to safeguard the world for future generations.

The full report is available here

About Hunter Industries

Hunter Industries is a global manufacturer of products for the irrigation, landscape lighting, dispensing technology, and custom manufacturing sectors. Founded in 1981, the family-owned company offers more than 1,000 products, including a complete spectrum of water-efficient solutions for residential, commercial, agricultural, and golf course irrigation systems. Hunter’s core mission will always remain the same: to produce innovative products of the highest quality and back them with unwavering customer support.

Media Contact
Warren Gorowitz
Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Hunter Industries

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