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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Our Hunter sales representatives enjoy supporting you, our design customers. Whether they’re in the office helping you solve design challenges or in the field observing installation, our representatives continually answer the call to help you succeed. Although pandemic-related issues have altered the way Hunter offers support, our partnership and dedication to you has not changed. When the pandemic hit, confusion quickly set in. Regions shut down, economies slowed, and priorities shifted from meeting deadlines to more important aspects like health, safety, and job security.

At Hunter, we paused to evaluate the situation and plan for several outcomes. Luckily, the landscape industry quickly rebounded and demand for landscape products skyrocketed. Ready to answer the call, we began fulfilling orders in a modified but safe manner. We also adapted to the change in the work environment. No longer able to travel, the sales team devised new ways to interact with you. Digital interactions led the way as we all learned how to connect in a safe and secure manner while maintaining a high level of service.

We also improved our technical skills related to remote interactions and embraced online platforms. “Bandwidth,” “You’re on mute,” and “Can you see my screen?” all became common phrases in our day-to-day lexicons and remain in use today.

Out of this adaptability came great interactions. Through a digital format, our sales representatives connected with you through familiar platforms. They experienced increased requests for design tutorials, plan checks, pressure loss calculations, and additional irrigation-related guidance while truly becoming an extension of your firm. Virtual lunch-and-learn events, guest-speaking opportunities at universities, and trade association presentations also became more frequent as we found it easier to connect with professional partners.

As our communities emerge from varying degrees of social distancing, we remain resilient and adaptive. A hybrid support model has emerged with continued virtual interactions and limited in-person meetings as needed. Through these challenging times, we are your steadfast partner, and you can count on us to continue supporting you and your projects. For help, contact a Hunter sales representative near you.



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