What is Sustainability?

Monday, April 29, 2013


Sustainability is a term that is used freely these days, and many companies talk about following sustainable practices, but when the curtain is pulled back, we find that they continue to be set in their ways. It’s difficult for businesses to look at their processes and find ways to incorporate sustainable practices into the things they do every day. Companies are fighting for sales and trying to keep their doors open, and time spent focused internally draws attention away from the primary purpose of the business—to make money.

Hunter Industries is a company that was founded to make money like most other businesses, but it also was founded on core values that helped to focus on more than just selling products or services. The Hunter family knew that by opening their doors for business, they were also becoming an integral part of the community, and with that comes the responsibility of being a leader in many ways. Not only are the products that we manufacture important in making the built environment sustainable, but everything we do to put those products on the market must be scrutinized to make sure we are incorporating practices that make sense for the environment for generations to come.

It’s something that’s been at the core of what we do since the beginning of the company. Water Working is one of the first marketing campaigns that was used early on, and its concept was that we were stewards of the water that our products were using and we needed to make those products to be as efficient as possible. We aimed to insure that when our products were used properly, they could deliver pleasing, functional landscapes that helped to offset the built environment. The landscapes we help to provide are indeed beautiful, but they also provide oxygen, minimize heat island effect, and provide a carbon sink for environmental pollutants.

Today, over 30 years after we started the company, we continue to look for innovative solutions to our customer’s needs. We are constantly striving to improve our existing products and find new products that can do more with less environmental impact. Not only are we trying to make our products more efficient in the resources they use when operating, but we are looking at all of our processes to eliminate waste, and use less energy. From our LEED Gold distribution center that uses solar panels and daylight harvesting to decrease reliance on the main energy grid, to updating workspace lighting to more energy-efficient models, we are always looking for ways to do better. We are even looking at our existing office and manufacturing spaces and trying to meet LEED standards for those. We’ve also reduced our waste going to landfills by over 20% in the last two years by analyzing the things we do and finding more efficient ways to do them.

Hunter is a company that values its place in our community and in the industries we serve. We’ll continue to innovate in our products and our processes so that our customers can be sure they are supporting a sustainable future.