STK-5V / STK-6V Kit Configurations

Kit Description
For specification ease and to ensure the correct product is installed, the ST System is available in kit configurations. Items are sold individually.
ST-1600 Block System (remotely located valve)
ST-1600 VAH System (valve adjacent to head)
ST Rotor: Synthetic turf rotor ST-1600-B ST-1600-B
ST IBS: Infill barrier system rubber cover kit ST-IBS-1600 ST-IBS-1600
ST BKT: Rotor vault hanger & elevation adjustment bracket ST-BKT-1600 ST-BKT-1600
ST Vault: Vault with 4-piece polymer-concrete cover set ST-243636-B ST-243636-B
ST Manifold: 3" Fittings, isolation valve and drain valve ST-BVF30-K ST-BVF30-K
ST Valve: 3" valve with remote on-off-auto selector ST-V30-KV
ST Variable Opening Speed Valve: Regulates ST-V30-KV opening speed ST-NDL-K
ST Support: Adjustable manifold support (2 required) ST-SPT-K ST-SPT-K
ST Inlet Hose: Flexible stainless steel braided alignment hose with 3" female NPT inlet ST-H30-K ST-H30-K
Quick Coupler Valve: 1" BSP inlet 1¼" outlet for key HQ-5RC HQ-5RC