Multimedia Resources for Contractors

Monday, August 26, 2013


Professionals who have chosen a career in the irrigation field pride themselves on how they design, install, enhance and maintain yards and landscapes. It is truly a noble profession that brings outdoor beauty to so many people.  While it is hard to top what mother nature has been doing so effortlessly, irrigation professionals have recently seen an array of new techniques, skills, and tools to help us assist and bring some of that natural beauty into each persons lives and ensure we are following best practice in maintenance, while working to grow our business.

We are living in an age of information, which allows quick and easy access to a wealth of knowledge and resources. We have seen irrigation techniques, market expectations and products change so quickly over the last few years that it’s important to stay up to speed with what’s going on. We can do this more easily today because of the easy access to so much information thanks to this digital age we live in. Using web based tools, you can find information and get work done faster while helping to keep your irrigation knowledge and skills as sharp as possible.  By taking advantage of tools and resources that are out there, you can also research techniques and services that will keep your business ahead of the pack.

With so many resources available, it is hard to find the most applicable ones to help you grow your business.  We compiled a list of what we believe to be some of the best available.

1. Hunter Video Library: The video revolution has arrived and Hunter is fully embracing it. When given a choice to read a manual or watch a video, video is the clear winner. It continues to be the preferred method of  learning new information and techniques. Hunter has spent the last three years creating videos on our irrigation products.  We organize the videos we produce into a few categories. The “Built to” category highlights how our products perform and shows the unique product advantages and the manufacturing and testing process. The “Product Guide” category is focused on the features and specification so that professionals know how to choose the right product. The “Field Knowledge” category shows how you use or install Hunter products and answers common questions in the field. They teach techniques to fully understand how to use and work with our products, helping make you an expert. With over 80 videos, viewers can learn a lot about Hunter and its products.

2. Hunter Online Training: Hunter’s training website is the perfect place to learn all about how to sell and operate Hunter products, and even get certified as a Hunter Specialist. The courses consist of presentations on Hunter products and in-field training videos along with tests and certification options for those looking to really stand out as professionals in their field.

3.  Land8: Land8 is a fun site that has some great design showcases, webinars and in-depth conversations.  I highly recommend signing up for an email that will send  several highlighted projects weekly. It’s a great read for inspiration in our industry.

4.  Water Savings Calculator: Have you ever wanted to show your clients in real-time how much water they can save by adding some of Hunter’s water-efficient irrigation products?  Well, Hunter created an app to do just that. The Water Savings Calculator was created as a tool to help you demonstrate just how much water can be conserved when using the most efficient Hunter products. Check it out and bring it with you to your next project when you want to show a customer just what real water savings will look like for them.

5. Lawnsite: Created to be a lawn care and landscape business forum, Lawnsite has many topics to check out from business development, land care, lighting and irrigation.  Lawnsite is very active and readers can pick-up some great information from the regulars who visit there.  As many forums go, they range from very informative to some wild rants, all which can be fun to read.

6. Run Time Calculator: The Hunter Run Time Calculator is an easy way to set-up the proper run time for a residential controller.  The app can also be a great way to show a homeowner how to set-up their controller. As a contractor, you can walk them through the process, which explains everything from soil types, to slope and sun exposure all while helping to set their optimal run times for their home. The app saves their information in an account that you or they can access at any time. The summary page displays their run times, has a one-button door card conversion, and has controller documentation and links to other relevant resources from Hunter. There is a  QR code that will print on the schedule to be posted inside the controller box for future smartphone access. There is also a space to put your business card so that when the time comes, your customers know who to call if they ever need help.

7. The Lawn Care Radio Podcast: As someone who spends a lot of time in my truck, podcasts and Bluetooth are must have tools while on the road.  The Lawn Care Radio podcasts are quick sessions on business development and maintenance tips.  The podcasts usually range from 5 to 15 minutes, which is about the perfect amount of time to listen to a full episode from one location to the next.

8. Landscaping Spanish: This is a useful app for devices using the Android platform. It translates landscaping terms from English to Spanish and Spanish to English.  If you are working with a crew or client who speaks Spanish, this app has over 973,00 terms and will actually read back your text for speech pronunciation. This is definitely a must have app for those of us in bilingual areas.

9. Hunter Green Roof Solutions:  If you’re in an urban environment, you have seen the evolutions of green roofs forming. Selecting a green roof irrigation system depends on a number of variables including the purpose of the roof, water availability, and growing material. Hunter provides a leading selection of overhead and subsurface irrigation products proven to deliver efficient, reliable results. Check out the Hunter green roof web page and design solution to learn more.

10. Hunter Mobile Product Catalog:  The Hunter catalog is great for pulling up product information and specifications quickly.  Simply go to the Hunter website with your smart phone or iPad, pull up the mobile catalog and bookmark it. This will create an icon on your phone that is one touch access to the catalog.  The catalog has been optimized for phone with an easy zoom and menu system to make finding information easy.