ACC2 - Reset Memory Options

The ACC2 controller can be RESET, erasing most programmed information. There are 2 different levels of the Reset command's available. If any of them are chosen, the information will be permanently erased. These operations are not reversible! Reset should only be performed if: (a) a “clean start” is desired for programming purposes or (b) directed to do so by an Irrigation professional as a troubleshooting technique.

There are two reset options.

  1. ALL PROGRAMMING AND DEVICES: Erases all programs and device setups, but keeps the Flow Totals intact. This will require completely reprogramming all devices, flow setups, and irrigation schedules.
  2. FLOW TOTALS: Clears the flow total history and resets it all to 0 flow

Press the lower right soft key to view the MAIN MENU.


Turn the scroll wheel to the right to view the ADVANCED FEATURES screen.


Press the scroll wheel once and rotate down to RESET MEMORY. Push to select.


Using the scroll wheel, CHECK the boxes for the items you would like to clear. 


Using the scroll wheel, select DELETE. The controller will notify you once more before erasing data.


Please confirm you would like to DELETE the selected boxes. Using the scroll wheel, select NO or YES.

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