ROAM - Changing the Maximum Station Number

Your ROAM Transmitter comes from the factory with the maximum station number set to 15. This means that when you use the UP and DOWN buttons to change the station, you may change it to any number between 1 and 240. However, if you only have a 6-station controller, you will never need to access stations 7 through 9. Likewise, perhaps you will own a Hunter controller like the HCC which can have more than 9 stations. In this case, you would want to access the stations above 9.

Maximum station count per controller model:

  • XCORE model - 8 Stations
  • PRO-C/HPC model - 16 Stations
  • ICC2/HCC/ICORE/ICC model - 48 Stations
  • ACC-1200/A2C-1200 models - 42 Stations
  • ACC99D/A2C-075 models - set to 240 (Decoder Mode)
  • SRC/SRCPLUS model (Discontinued) - 9 Stations

The ROAM Transmitter allows you to set the maximum station number as follows:


If the unit is off (no display), power the transmitter up by pressing and holding the CIRCLE Mode button for 5 seconds. The transmitter will display the active station.


Press the MODE button until the Station Number icon() is displayed.


Use the UP and DOWN buttons to change the maximum station number from 1 to 240. Finally, do not press any buttons for 10 seconds and the display will return to the active station number.


You may now change the active setting to any station in the new station range.

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