Switching the ROAM-XL transmitter between Residential and Commercial Modes

Turn the Roam XL unit on by pressing any button.

The mode that should be set based on the controller model.

  • XCORE model - RES Mode
  • PRO-C/HPC model - RES Mode
  • ICC2/HCC/ICORE/ICC model - RES Mode
  • ACC-1200/A2C-1200 models - RES Mode
  • ACC99D/A2C-075 models - COM Mode (Decoder Mode)
  • SRC/SRCPLUS model (Discontinued) - RES Mode

Press and hold the Mode button (top button with circle) until the key icon is displayed.

Roam XL Irrigation Remote

Press the right arrow button once. The rE (Residential Mode) or Co (Commercial Mode) will be displayed.

Roam XL Irrigation Remote

Use the Up arrow button to change between Residential and Commercial Modes.

Roam XL Irrigation Remote

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