ACC2 Support

ACC2 Decoder - Field Wiring

Proper installation and connection of the decoder two-wire paths is very important.

  • Use only Hunter IDWIRE or an approved substitute.
  • Use only Hunter DBRY-6 waterproof connectors in the red and blue two-wire path connections.
  • Leave adequate slack (about 5' or 1.5 m) at each splice, to prevent disconnection.

Each A2C-D75 output module supports up to 75 decoder stations.

  • Each module allows up to three two-wire path connections.
  • Each path may be up to 10,000' (3 km) with 14 AWG (2 mm2) wire, or up to 15,000' (4.5 km) with 12 AWG (approximately 3.31 mm2) wire.
  • Two-wire paths may be tee-spliced (in a valve box with approved connectors), as long as the maximum distance to each end of the paths from the controller does not exceed the maximum for the wire used.

You can have more than 75 stations on a single two-wire path. If more than one A2C-D75 is installed, it is possible to assign the additional station numbers to another decoder output module. This must be done with the Station Assignments function on the Decoder menu, so the controller will know which module has the additional stations.

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