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The powerful and flexible Hydrawise Irrigation Management Platform from Hunter Industries allows for convenient, professional multi-site management and provides a range of helpful water-saving features for end users and contractors alike. Healthy landscapes need just the right amount of water to thrive, and with the best-in-class Hydrawise Platform, everything you need to ensure beautiful, water-efficient outdoor living spaces is in the palm of your hand.

For maximum installation flexibility in any environment, the Hydrawise Irrigation Management Platform is compatible with a full range of controllers, flow meters, and two-wire decoders. Choose from a complete lineup of Hydrawise enabled controllers to maximize water and money savings for projects of all sizes:

The Hydrawise Irrigation Management Platform is the most powerful cloud-based irrigation control solution on the market. The user-friendly software provides a comprehensive suite of tools for saving water and protecting landscapes, without breaking the bank. With a complete lineup of Hydrawise enabled controllers to choose from, along with a full range of accessories to maximize system efficiencies, Hydrawise continues to set the industry standard for excellence and performance in every installation. To learn more about how Hydrawise can help save water and ensure beautiful landscapes, visit hydrawise.com.