Centralus Beta - Add a Crewmember

Centralus lets you add Crewmembers to your organization and provides functions for managing teams of people and controllers. These are accessed from the main menu, MY ACCOUNT selection. Depending on your device screen, they may be displayed side by side, or vertically (scroll down to see all settings).


Add a Crewmember

A Crewmember will have access to one or more controllers without becoming the “owner.” This means the owner can grant or remove access for that crewmember at any time. A Crewmember must have a valid (free) Hunter account to access the controller. If they don’t have one already, they will be prompted to set one up. 

  1. Sign in to your CENTRALUS ACCOUNT.
  2. Click on the MENU icon ().
  3. Click on MY ACCOUNT.
  4. Click the + Crewmember button, and Centralus will prompt you to enter the person’s name and email address.
  5. Click + ADD when the information is complete, and Centralus will send an email to the person, inviting them to accept the invitation and become a crewmember.

Until the person responds to the email and accepts the invitation, they will not have access to the controllers, and they cannot be added to groups.

NOTE: The email will be sent from the address, so if they do not receive it within a few minutes, it may be trapped in spam or quarantine folders.

Once the person accepts and has a Hunter account with access to Centralus, they can be added to controllers or groups of controllers. The pending invitation window above will be updated to show they have accepted. Once the invitation is sent, Centralus will show when it is accepted.

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