ST-1600-Kit Support

Final Vault Adjustments and Flexible Hose Taping

After the vault, rotor, rotor hanger bracket, manifold, support stands, and flexible inlet hose are installed, make any final positioning adjustments. Make sure the flexible inlet hose is not twisted or kinked. If needed, move the vault and reset the manifold to ensure proper flexible inlet hose position and orientation. If required, loosen the grooved clamp between the flexible inlet hose and the butterfly valve to correct any twisting or kinking of the hose. Retighten the clamp when complete. Prior to final backfilling and compacting of the soil around the vault, wrap the flexible inlet hose with plastic pipe-wrapping tape. The tape must have a minimum thickness of 10 mil (0.25 mm). Certain caustic soil conditions may require additional precautionary measures to protect the stainless steel flexible inlet hose. Consult the project specification documents for more information.

IMPORTANT: Always create smooth, kink-free, and untwisted flexible transitions.




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