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HCC - Configure Your Controller Offline


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From the Connection Wizard screen, touch Configure Offline. Tap OK to move on to the next step.

Enter in today’s date if it hasn’t already been set or if it is incorrect. Enter today’s time if it hasn’t already been set or if it is incorrect. From this screen, touch OK.

Next enable a Master Valve, if you don't have a master valve then choose Disable Master Valve. Then touch OK.

You can now enter the run length you want for your default zone run time. Then touch OK.

Next, set how often each zone will run. As advised on the previous screen, you can set individual frequencies for each zone. Touch OK to proceed. From Zones screen, you can manually configure each zone according to your desired schedule. Touch the Add button to add a program start time and follow the steps below. You can toggle between zones by touching Next or Previous buttons or you can leave the start time to Apply to All Zones.

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