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How to Assemble Grooved Victaulic™ Type Fittings

The fastest way to learn how to assemble grooved fittings is to search YouTube for Grooved Fittings or Victaulic Fittings. Here is a good example:

  1. Lightly lubricate the gasket with approved pipe gasket lubricant. The gasket and fittings can also be lubricated for assembly with a mild solution of dish soap and water.
  2. Slide the gasket over the end of the first fitting to be connected. The gasket must not protrude or extend beyond the edge of the fitting.
  3. Place the second fitting to be connected in position against the first fitting. The fittings must be held together in this position for the next step.
  4. Slide the gasket over and center it between the grooves of the two fittings to be connected.
  5. Press each coupling half onto the gasket and squeeze together.
  6. Install bolts and nuts. Tighten evenly alternating sides until securely tightened. Coupling halves must come together and make complete contact.
  7. Nuts should be facing upwards for ease of future service. Optionally apply grease to subdue rust.

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