How do I connect a clik sensor to my Hunter controller?

Hunter controllers provide seperate terminals for sensor connections, the designation is either “SEN” or “RS”. A controller's "Sensor Bypass" switch is going to bypass any sensor response in the event of rain or freeze.

This rain sensor circuit requires a normally closed type switch to operate correctly.

To install a Mini-Clik®, Rain-Clik™, Freeze-Clik™ or the Mini-Weather Station (MWS) to a controller, first remove the jumper plate (see image below) that is connected to the sensor terminals. Then, wire one sensor wire to one SEN terminal and one sensor wire to the other SEN terminal.


To install a Wireless Rain-Clik™ sensor to a Hunter controller, remove the jumper that is connected to the sensor terminals.

  1. Attach the BLUE sensor wire to either of the sensor terminals on the controller.
  2. Attach the WHITE sensor wire to the other sensor terminal on the controller.
  3. The two YELLOW sensor wires are for the 24VAC power. Attach one of the YELLOW wires to either of the controller terminals marked “AC” and attach the other YELLOW wire to the other controller terminal marked “AC”.

Note: You will not use the ORANGE wire on Hunter controllers.

To install a Hunter sensor to another manufacturer’s controller that does not have the sensor terminals:

  1. Remove the wire(s) from the “COM” terminal screw.
  2. Attach one of the sensor leads to the “COM” terminal screw and attach the other sensor lead to the wire(s) that you removed from the “COM” terminal screw.



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