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Standard Mode Programming is ideal for arranging irrigation zones into groups such as lawns or gardens. Standard Mode offers two watering types. Hydrawise maximizes water savings with both methods of watering.

Time-based watering (default) is ideal for flower and vegetable gardens, turf areas, and other locations with shallow-rooted plants.

  • Time-based uses Watering triggers to adjust based on Temperature, Rainfall, Wind, and Predicted Rainfall (e.g. the controller will operate the normal watering duration (run Time) and for cooler days use the trigger to reduce the amount of watering duration and for hotter days the trigger will extend the watering duration).

Virtual Solar Sync is ideal for plants with large root systems such as established lawns, shrubs, and trees.

  • Virtual Solar Sync (VSS) uses some Watering Triggers (Temperature, Rainfall, Wind, Predicted Rainfall) and Evaporation data calculated locally through (Virtual or real Weather Stations) we water to the frequency you have set but change the Watering Duration (e.g., every 3 days but for hotter days we will run longer and colder days we will run shorter).
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An irrigation program tells your controller when to water and for how long.

Program Name - Add a name that would relate to the area being watered (e.g., A, Backyard Zones, etc.).

Program Type - Choose Time Based or Virtual Solar Sync.

Start Times - Hydrawise offers three convenient options for selecting the days you want to water using the WATER DAYS function:

Selected Days of the Week Watering - Easily water on specific days of the week of your choice. Select the days you want your irrigation system to run, such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Odd/Even Day Watering - For more flexibility, choose this option to water on numbered days of the month instead of specific days of the week. You can opt for odd days (e.g., 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc.) or even days (e.g., 2nd, 4th, 6th, etc.) depending on your preference.

Interval Watering - Simplify your watering schedule with Interval Watering. Select your desired interval, and your irrigation system will water at regular intervals, regardless of specific days or dates. For instance, if you choose a 2-day interval, your system will water every other day.

Zones & Watering Duration - Select the zones and add the water duration. It needs to be greater than 0 and less than 1440 minutes.

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A zone is an area watered by the same valve.

Name - Edit the name of the zone.

Zone - Edit the number of the zone.

Image & Icon - Take a photo or select one from the library. This can also appear as an icon if desired.

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