ST-1600-Kit Support

Installing the Infill Barrier System (IBS) to the Rotor

The IBS kit is required for all in-vault installations. It is necessary because the IBS outer ring is needed to create a snug fit between rotor and the vault cover. Without this outer ring, the rotor will fit too loosely within the vault, which could potentially lead to retraction issues. For infill type synthetic sports fields, the IBS is designed to retain the majority (but not all) of the infill material on the rotor’s logo cap area as well as the area surrounding the rotor. The top of the IBS vertical barrier walls should never be exposed. These barrier walls should always be below the level of the infill material. They need to remain subsurface to promote a safe transition between the rotor’s pop-up and surrounding area. Attach the two-piece IBS kit to the rotor as outlined in the instruction sheet supplied with the ST-IBS-1600 kit. Do not use adhesives to attach the IBS to the rotor, as this could inhibit or prevent future rotor servicing. For non-infill-type synthetic sports fields, the IBS vertical walls must be trimmed to create a flat exposed upper surface area. Examples include short-pile carpet over the vault and rotor as used for field hockey, running track material over the vault and rotor, or installations where no material is placed over the vault.

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