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Mini-Clik - Introduction

In most installations, the Mini-Clik acts as a switch to break the circuit to the solenoid valves of the irrigation system when it has rained. This allows the timer to advance as scheduled, but keeps the valves from opening the water flow.
Once the Mini-Clik has dried sufficiently, the switch closes again to allow for normal operation.

For the Model Mini-Clik-NO: This rain sensor has three blue wires coming out of it. Two are connected to a 25 foot extension, and the third blue wire is the “normally open” lead of the switch and is used in open circuit installations. The remaining two extension wires are colored (one black, the other red).

For the Model Mini-Clik-C: This rain sensor unit is the same as the standard model except for the lack of an aluminum mounting bracket and the addition of a 1/2" threaded cap, which allows for the easy use of electrical conduit to totally enclose the wires. Unless local code states otherwise, plumbing grade PVC pipe can be used as well as electrical grade conduit.

For the Model Mini-Clik-HV: This rain sensor unit is designed to be used with automatic irrigation systems of two principle designs: 1) single-station electrical timer (e.g., Intermatic) that switches power to a pump, either directly or through a relay; or 2) single-station electrical timer that switches power to a solenoid valve.

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