MP Rotator Nozzle Support

MP Rotator - Filter Sizes

With MP Rotators, 80% of the filter can be plugged without a performance drop. MP Rotator filters can be removed for cleaning and/or replacement. Please view the chart below for more details on each of the filter sizes.

MP8SCREENSP Very fine filter screen - MP-800 (60 Mesh)
MPFSCREENSP Fine filter screen - MP-2000/MP-1000 (40 Mesh)
MPCSCREENSP Coarse filter screen - MP-3000/MP-3500 (20 Mesh)
MPTFSCREENSP Fine filter screen - MP-2000-HT/MP-1000-HT
MPTCSCREENSP Coarse filter screen - MP-3000-HT

NOTE: The MP1000 and MP2000 use the same size screen.

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