Pro-HC - Zone Summary

From the Home screen navigate to the Zone Summary screen by pressing Zones.

The Zone summary screen shows the status of 6 zones at a time. To view the next or previous group of zones use the Next and Previous buttons. The current range of zones that you are viewing is indicated at the top of the screen.

GREEN indicates a zone with a scheduled runtime

GOLD indicates a Master Valve (if configured)

View Previous 6 Zones (if available)

BLUE indicates that this zone is currently running

GREY indicates a zone without a scheduled runtime

View Next 6 Zones (if available)

Range of Zones you are viewing

Each zone is color coded to indicate the current status of the zone as follows –

  • Green: Zone is scheduled to run at some time in the future.
  • Gray: This zone is not scheduled to run in the future.
  • Blue (dark): Zone is current active.
  • Blue (light): Zone is waiting for another zone to finish watering and then will start immediately.
  • Gold: This zone is a master zone.

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