ST-1600-Kit Support

Rotor, Rotor Hanger Bracket and Manifold Assembly

The Rotor, Rotor Hanger Bracket, and Manifold Assembly need to be assembled prior to lowering these components into the Vault. Before lowering this assembly, the concrete support pads and Adjustable Manifold Support Stands need to be positioned.

The Rotor Hanger Bracket is designed to support the weight of the Rotor within the Vault and provide elevation adjustments for the Rotor. The weight of the Manifold must be supported by the two Adjustable Support Stands positioned and raised under the Manifold assembly.

There are two halves to the Adjustable Rotor Support Bracket. The two halves are connected with the supplied bolts and nylock-type nuts. Set the two halves side-by-side with the protruding hanger arms (top side of the brackets) facing upwards. Insert the bolts through the bracket holes and attach the nuts. Slide the assembly under the Rotor and up under the Rotor’s flange. Tighten the bolt and nut assemblies to loosely grip the Rotor. Set aside while completing the Manifold assembly.

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