SRC/SRC Plus Controller Support

SRC controller reverts back to the current time

If your Hunter SRC controller’s display reverts back to the current time after trying to manually activate stations, it has more than likely undergone a power surge or is experiencing a technical anomaly. Most likely this controller will need to be replaced. The internal memory can sometimes be restored through a simple reset procedure, however, if the reset procedure does not restore factory settings then the controller would need to be replaced.

SRC Reset Procedure:

1. Make sure the dial is in the Run position.

2. Remove all power (unplug transformer and remove battery) and wait at least 1 minute. 

3. Press and hold down the ​, ​, and ​ buttons.

4. Restore power to the controller. *

5. Release the ​ ​, ​, and  buttons.

*(SRC Plus) 4. Push and hold the reset button until the display disappears, release, step 4 above will not be necessary on the SRC Plus.

A successful reset will result in a 12:00 am time displayed.

If your SRC controller needs to be replaced, the Hunter X-Core 6 station controller would be a good replacement. The XC600i is the indoor model of the X-Core controller. The Hunter X-Core Controller programming is very similar to the SRC. 

If your SRC controller is a 9 station model, and you are using all 9 stations, the Pro-C Controller would be the replacement. The Hunter PCC-900i is the indoor model of the Pro-C 9 zone controller.

Hunter also manufactures a Wi-Fi-based Smart Controller called Hydrawise. The HC1200i or the PHC-1200i would be replacement models for the SRC unit. 


Hunter makes our products and replacement parts available through our network of authorized distributors. Please click on the link to find an Authorized Hunter Distributor in your area.

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