Staking Kit and Reclaimed Water Identification

Hunter makes an excellent assortment of accessory items that either connect to, or work in tandem with many of our products.

Highlighted here are just a couple of those accessories that could enhance your next job, as well as a product improvement that make one of our popular rotary sprinklers even better:

The Hunter Riser Mounted Staking Kit

Easily and securely fastens PGS, I-10 and other shrub type sprinklers to a standard 1/2"(12.7mm) rebar support stake. Manufactured with durable UV stabilized plastics that stand up to extreme weather conditions, the kit features a plastic cap that covers the exposed rebar end and a plastic strap that is much safer than the typical metal clamps often used to secure sprinklers. The Hunter Staking Kit is an easy and inexpensive way to secure sprinklers and risers to support stakes in areas where foot traffic may cause damage or where there is concern for customer liability.

Reclaimed Water Identification Caps

If you are irrigating with sprays and using reclaimed or effluent water, provide yourself with the additional protection of Hunter's optional Reclaimed Body Caps(P/N 458520)  available for our Pro Spray line of spray heads. These new plastic covers can be easily screwed into place before or after installation and feature the purple hue that has become the internationally recognized method for simply and quickly identifying a non-potable irrigation system. Also, keep in mind that no reclaimed water irrigation system is complete without drain check valves (P/N 437400) to eliminate the possible liability due to low head drainage.


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