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WAND - Installing Wi-Fi Module

Check Wi-Fi Signal

Use your smartphone to check the signal strength for the desired router connection at the controller location. If the strength is too low, the connection will not work. In this case, move the controller or router to improve the signal. Obstructions such as interior walls and landscaping can block the signal.

Check if the Wi-Fi network is 2.4 GHz by calling your Internet Service Provider (ISP). 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks are not compatible with WAND.

Navigating the Module
  1. Wi-Fi setup button
  2. WAND serial number
  3. Wi-Fi status LED

Installing the WAND Module


  1. Remove the COVER insert by pulling outward.
  2. Insert the WAND module into the right-side open port of the X2 controller.
  3. Once installed, a solid amber Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG. LED will appear on the module near the right of the dial positions and a flashing  icon will appear on the controller LCD. The WAND is now ready for Wi-Fi setup.


  1. All programming is now managed via Hydrawise cloud-based software from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop browser.
  2. WAND disables the controller’s dial and button functions, the existing schedule, and settings.
  3. Manual operation functions such as Start/Stop Station and Test All Stations can still be activated from the controller.


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