Product Responsibility

Innovation meets conservation in the design and manufacture of our products. At Hunter Industries, we understand that our upfront decisions have downstream effects. As a vertically integrated company with in-house engineering, tooling, molding, and manufacturing departments, we have the ability to control the design, construction, and functionality of our products. It is our responsibility to consider the entire lifecycle, so our products are safe for use and minimize environmental impact.

Product Life Cycle

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Hunter is committed to manufacturing products that use only the water and energy needed to get the job done efficiently. We continually improve the resource efficiency of our product offering by developing new ways to irrigate with less water and illuminate using less energy. With extensive prototyping and testing facilities, our engineers are equipped to ensure our products meet or exceed customer demands and environmental standards. Read More
From design verification of new products to regularly scheduled audits, our products go through rigorous qualification protocols to ensure safe functionality and the highest quality. Our reliability department is constantly testing the limits of our products to cover all operational conditions. Read More
The procurement group, which includes purchasing and planning, facilitates collaboration between Engineering, Finance and Manufacturing. Our purchasing group is constantly looking to find higher quality materials at lower prices from responsible vendors. Read More
The ability to control our material inputs comes with the responsibility to use as much recycled content allowable in our product while maintaining the highest quality and functionality. Use of recycled content in our product is limited by the plastic degradation of recycled material. We need to balance the need to maintain the integrity of the components with our impact on the environment. By 2017 we have a goal to utilize 7% recycled resin in our plastic product. Read More
Hunter Industries chose to construct our distribution center certified at LEED Gold; the first warehouse of its kind in the region. This distribution center incorporates green features to achieve power and usage rates beyond compliance. Solar panels supply power to light the entire building and, with other energy saving features result in a yearly savings of $35,000 and 113 metric tons CO2e. The low flow water fixtures achieve a 30% reduction in water use compared to standard construction. Read More
It is our responsibility to ensure our product is used as efficiently and safely as possible. We have created an extensive online training program to educate customers on proper installation, management, and maintenance. We encourage customers to utilize our runtime and water savings calculators to help achieve maximum efficiencies and performance.Read More
End of life disposal of our product is perhaps our biggest environmental challenge. We are taking this on by researching methods to work with our distributors to recycle product through a take-back program.Read More



Hunter Corporate Sustainability Report 2013

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