Water Use

Our headquarters is in the state of California, which is experiencing an unprecedented drought that is affecting watersheds and storage. On January 17, Governor Brown announced a drought state of emergency declaration to prepare for the consequences that will increasingly be felt throughout the year. The drought declaration follows a year of the lowest rainfall recorded during the last 160 years; all major reservoirs are well below average levels. A majority of the water consumed at our headquarters in San Marcos and operations in Tijuana are imported from elsewhere. Therefore, water issues in distant areas can have potential impact on our operations. To ensure we are using water as efficiently and responsibly as possible, Hunter utilizes an onsite well and a gray water system, and elected to return 1.7 acres back to its native habitat.

In 2013, we tracked our water use by source at our San Marcos and Tijuana facilities. Our goal is to reduce our water use by 25% from a 2014 baseline. With the addition of Mexico Plant #2 in January, 2014 we want to include the water used by this facility in our baseline total.

3.3 million gallons
[State Water Project]
2.8 million gallons
[San Diego local water]
257,000 gallons
[Tijuana local water]
5.2 million gallons
[Colorado River]
10.5 million gallons
[Colorado River]
8.2 million gallons
[Hunter Industries Well]


Hunter Industries Corporate Park Restoration in San Marcos, CA
Hunter Park Restoration
Given growing concern about water scarcity and water quality, as well as greater interest in native habitats, Hunter elected to return 1.7 acres to its native habitat.